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Cylinder head porting and tuning - Akaankansi

Cylinder head porting, "the head pushing the limits," is a cornerstone of the engine tuning. Often, when the engine power range increases, a need for a engine air / fuel mixture also increases.  In this case, the best aid to giving usually turns out to modification or improvement to affect the flow of element of  three items: Intake manifold, exhaust manifold and the cylinder head with it ports and valves.

Head porting involves a lot of mystique and beliefs, but quite rocket science it's not about. However, the work requires precision, and the port is easy to ruin for inexperienced hands. Experience and the right kind of tools to facilitate the work, assistive devices include a flow bench, where the shape and flow rate of the ports is monitored.

Improving the cylinder head breath often proves costly to measure, even in the case that the head is never scheduled to be racing use. Price list of Akaankansi has sought to create, so that it will also allow the budget-tuner to get performance to their cylinder heads. So please contact us when improving engine breathing becomes relevant. Contacts inquiry / feedback form, you can quickly contact. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome and always needed. International shipping available.

Work range including: Seat ring machining, valve shape design, valve job, valve guide exchanges, flow measurements, racing and street head portings, cylinder head rebuilds, engine components restoration, small machining work.

Porting experience for example following brands / models Cylinder heads:

Cars                                                                     Motorcycles / ATVs
Honda Type-R                                                        Honda
Mercedes-Benz M119                                             Kawasaki
Toyota Supra 24v                                                   Yamaha YZF
VW 8v                                                                   Yamaha 2KF
VW 1.9 TDI                                                            KTM
WV 16v 9A                                                             Harley Davidson
Mitsubishi Evo 8 4G63                                             Suzuki
Audi V6 TDI                                                            Aprilia
Chevrolet LS98                                                       Ducati
Opel CIH 2.4                                                           BMW
Opel CIH 2.0                                                             
Opel CIH 3.0NE                                                        
Opel C30SE                                                               
Opel OHV                                                                  
Opel OHC                                                                  
Opel (C)20XE                                                            
Opel X20XEV                                                            
Saab B201                                                                  
Saab B202                                                                  
Saab B212                                                                  
Saab B204                                                                  
Saab B234                                                                  
Ford 302                                                                     
Ford Zetec 16V                                                        
Ford OHC                                                                   
Ford CVH
Oldsmobile 307                                                       
Oldsmobile Edelbrock RPM                               
Nissan SR20DET                                                      
Volvo 531, 530                                                         
BMW M52B25                                                         
BMW M50B25                                                         
BMW M42B18                                                         

Now also for machining small manual lathe and milling machine:

Lathe dimensions: Distance between centers 550 mm, Swing over bed 200 mm, Spindle bore 20 mm. Milling machine dimensions: Swivel milling head 90 degrees, spindle motion 125 mm, X-motion 560 mm, Y-motion 230mm.


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